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Two structures, a wall and a floor, lie amidst the architectural cemetery of ruins on Belle Isle. These structures bring coherence to the fragmented interventions on the island by connecting past and future.

The rebar walls have potential to form a skin from the care and abuse of visitors and nature. Objects, relics, memories, vines, vegetation, and weather are all absorbed and collected. The wall becomes a “repository for the variable, ephemeral, and ultimately personal narratives rising from individuals’ experiences on the island.” The wall becomes a celebration of the island’s past, its history.

The concrete floor poured amongst the river rocks near the hydroelectric plant becomes a “place for sharing and interpreting stories of all kinds and from all sources.” The floor creates a stage amongst the chaotic forces of nature and man. The rocks erupting from the smooth floor, reminders of the continual struggle and compromise between man and nature, also create places to rest. A fire pit cast into the floor creates a place for storytelling. Visitors and vagabonds share their tales and create new ones. The island has a life, a future.